July 12, 2018

I have played other equipment dominated sports where exactly this happened. The absolute lack of knowledge of the golf biz, on a forum full of golf enthusiasts, is mind-boggling. The face is therefore too thin to put score lines on it – if they did that, it would weaken it too much and it would be liable to collapse on impact. But, to be fair, they would probably call themselves golfers. You may find that the topic of conformity pales in comparison. Chris 5 years ago. If you are a traditionalist, I assume you play with a wooden shafted driver that is smaller in size than the original big bertha and not a attached to some fancy graphite shaft that costs hundreds of dollars to enable you to hit a moon shot.

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List of Illegal Golf Club Drivers |

It began, taylor made non conforming course, with the people who make money selling golf equipment and services. An enjoy the game we do. They use a chipping ball, have 17 clubs in the bag, never putt a 3 footer. Suppose I establish my handicap with blades, an old persimmon driver, worn out wedges, balata balls, etc. Are we to tell them taylor made non conforming stay home because they do not have any strength or allow them to pick up some distance and speed things up and increase their enjoyment of the game?

Use whatever clubs you want, but keep a true handicap based on using those clubs. The Mizuno BlueFire driver delivers lofts of 8, 9, 10 and 11 degrees.

I think NC clubs conforminy be great for seniors that have lost so much distance that they are no taylor made non conforming having fun playing. A new T-Track System lets you adjust two different weights to dial in your desired trajectory and ball flight. Such inane comments being posted by people trying to impose their will on everyone else.

Taylormade M1 Non Conforming Driver

For them there are no rules, and my thinking is, that should be just fine. This means more classes, and even more separation between different golfers.

I keep a personal handicap using the U. I was stuck once behind a group that had the rule book out almost every hole.

All I ever hear about golf is that it is too hard and the people they play are stuck up, or just plan jerks. My initial reaction to this article was the same as my reaction back then but just like before we are nob going to have to Adjust because if there is recreational money on the line the out On my way! New World Order anyone? There are those that play golf, and there are those that play taylor made non conforming golf.

Illegal drivers create increased swing speed and greater distance. So it would seem that these type of clubs, and the no spin lubes and balls, are made for soneone like me in mind. Anthony confrming February 22, The problem is that when its taylor made non conforming acceptable it will be used in tournaments where others are trying to play by the rules. Taylor Made would rather have tayylor buy a new, incorrectly fitted driver, every second year.

TaylorMade R580XD conforming ?

If this is a genuine fact I hope it is just a hoax that Taylormade is to release a line of non-conforming clubs, it can be for one reason only, it is an attempt by a powerful company to undermine the current laws makers governing the game for its own long term benefits.

Skip to main content. John Nelson — December 10, taylor made non conforming Best thing to do is choose the tee box closest in length to your home course. This bring me back to when Taylor made non conforming was a kid in tennis camp. Testing of water samples taken after heavy spraying have shown extremely high concentrations of these substances.

Taylormade Releasing Non-Conforming Illegal Clubs?

Rather than post your personal take, you took it taylor made non conforming be your duty to comment against all the nay voters in here? I say go for it. That leaves an awfully large percentage of the golfing market as candidates madd non-conforming i.

Where there maxe no demand, there is no product taylor made non conforming. While it is true that there are very few golfers who are competitive as in playing in tournaments regularly, I do think that most golfers bet with one another on the course. There will be backlash. Can’t find the club you want? I could care less personally what someone else uses.