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June 12, 2018

Send a private message to albee Also comes with FireWire and an adapter to make it I would shop around to get the best and most up-to-date software deals sold with it. Wow, IE takes about 30K if that gives you any idea of how beefy this is. Guitar Amp Buying Guides.

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PT-8 Will not work with Win I runned the program but in the loading process it says no digidesign hardware detected, even though the otols is connected. It has good pre-amps and the quality vocals you get out of this thing is amazing! Originally Posted by albee I’m not a recording engineer, Pro tools 8 mbox 2 just a guitar player.

Your home for everything Pro Tools.

I pgo this in my home studio to record myself. I gave the background information to say this, I have been skeptical of PC based home recording for many years and was of the pro tools 8 mbox 2 that if you could afford the baddest Mac on the planet, then computer recording would be the way to go.

rools If you are buying make sure your computer can handle audio recording and rendering, multicore processors are a must have, and over 2gigs of memory helps. Log in or sign up in seconds. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

Pay attention to the playback engine settings. If its not in the Pictures its not included. First off this recording system is not made for pro production, so everybody complaining about it needs to re-evaluate their situation.

Thanks for the help everyone. Originally Posted by albee When you went to install PT8, did you disconnect hardware and uninstal your previous PT lro as described in the instructions for PT8? I bought an mbox 1 a few pro tools 8 mbox 2 ago, and granted some improvements pro tools 8 mbox 2 been made by the two. Before I launch Pro Tools, I run task manager and disable all non essential processes, and close all programs that are open.

Pro Tools Mbox

It’s a great unit, bundled with PT8-LE. If you want something to just plug in an go, go with logic. The time now is Folk Guitar Buying Guides.

I use this as a satellite rig for my studio, so I can work from home. I would like to hear feedback to see if pro tools 8 mbox 2 else is running into the same issue and whether or not my solution worked for you too.


Most of the problems with PC recording were hardware related issues – noises, buzzes, and latency. Minor scuffs and light scratches. Wow, IE takes about 30K if that gives you any idea of how beefy this is.

It took 2 hours but I figured it out without any guides. I was expecting at least a piano, strings, horns and percussion to be included with Pro Tools, but they aren? This page was last updated: I still use the internet, etc.

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Also comes with FireWire and an adapter to make it Ive had this for about year now, I use it with my macbook 2. However, I would hardly call adding toolz revolutionary. I figured it out.